Author Sharika K. Forde

Author Sharika K. Forde


Sharika FordeAbout the book:

The soul sometimes speaks the loudest amid life’s turmoil. Baring one’s heart through the process of self-discovery can awaken the gifts within. The Awakening is a collection of poems that bare emotions of love, growth and self-worth through teen motherhood, marriage and divorce. The poems will surprise you. They will inspire you. Most of all, they will awaken you.

About the Author:

Leading her life by love and laughter, Sharika K. Forde has a passion for creative expression. She started jotting down notes of poetry many years ago. Her journey to self-worth began as a senior in high school when she became a teenage mother. What began as a form of personal healing, she now shares her poetry to awaken others to bare their gift. She is a mother, aspiring entrepreneur and a student of life. She discovered that the challenges we face are lessons that evolve into discovery of self. Beginning each day with prayer for good health, monetary wealth and true love, she strives to live a life of fulfillment through her passion for creative artistry and continual growth.