Our Services

Employment Planning

To assist residents in obtaining employment or career development opportunities based on his or her strenths, abilities, and needs.

Employment Training

Training services that assist a person seeking employment to acquire the skills necessary for specific jobs.

  • Resume Making
  • What to expect at an interview
  • Before and After Interview Skill
  • Application Process
  • Dress For Success
  • Identifying barriers to employment
  • Pardon Information
  • How to disclose background to employer
  • Community Resources
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We provide assistance in housing that provides stable, supported community living or assists the persons served to obtain and maintain safe, affordable, accessible, and stable housing. The residences in which Community Housing services are provided. In addition, providing workshops on how to apply for housing.

Children & Youth Services

We provide crucial services, such as prenatal counseling, service coordination, early intervention, prevention, preschool programs, and after-school programs. In addition, host forums and workshops on peacemaking, character building and success.

Alcohol & Substance and Mental Health Screening

We provide education and resources to enroll in alcohol and drug or Mental Health Programs, these services/supports are focused on providing counseling and sober living environments to increase the likelihood of sobriety and abstinence and to decrease the potential for relapse.

Food, Clothing, Shelter and Transportation

We work closely with families to identify their needs and then assist in meeting their goals.

Community Building

We pre-screen each case then provide assistance in finding resources through the collaboration based on the individual needs In addition, log and follow-up with each case.